Online Educational Scenario Contest following the living labs approach on the food system transformation with award the participation @ the FOODSHIFT2023 Summer school

A national & European Contest about the design of a learning scenario is organised in the context of FoooSHIFT2030 and Foodshift Pathways projects.

The Greek national contest aims to inspire and encourage teachers of primary and secondary education to design and implement “Living Labs” school projects on the theme of the food system, also integrating citizen science principles.

Participants need to register at the contest community platform here, make a submission of their “Project” and also communicate it via email to the address

The  contest will offer as prize the participation at the 2023 5-days Summer school (FOODSHIFT 2023 “Schools as Sites for Food System Transformation”), taking place in Marathon, Attica, on 2-7 July 2023.

Deadline for the submissions: 31st May 2023.

More information, as well as the evaluation criteria regarding the Greek National Contest are available here